【Detailed Agenda】

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P1- Plenary Forum(Dec 6th, AM)

F1-Power Electronics Technologies and Applications

SiC Power Electronics Devices and Applications(Dec 6th, PM)

Packaging and Reliability of Power Modules(Dec 6th, PM)

GaN Power Electronics Devices and Applications(Dec 7th, AM)

F2-RF Electronic Devices Technologies and Applications

GaN RF Electronic Devices(Dec 6th, PM)

RF Application Technologies(Dec 6th, PM)

F3-Materials and Equipment

Ultra-wide Bandgap Semiconductors Technology (Dec 6th, PM)

SiC Substrate, Epitaxy and Wafer Growth Equipment(Dec 7th, AM)

GaN Substrate, Epitaxy and Wafer Growth Equipment(Dec 7th, PM

F4-Solid State Lighting Technologies and Applications

Smart Lighting and Innovative Applications(Dec 7th, AM)

Technologies for LED Chip, Packaging, Modules and Reliability(Dec 7th, PM)

F5-Micro-LED and Other Novel Display

Mini/Micro-LED Industy and Application(Dec 6th, PM)

Mini/Micro-LED Devices Technologies(Dec 7th, AM)

Laser, Perovskite, Quantum Dots & Others(Dec 7th, PM)

F6-Beyond Lighting

Medical & Health Lighting(Dec 6th, PM)

Health Lighting&Light Quality(Dec 7th, PM)

Technologies for Optical Communication and Perception(Dec 7th, AM)

F7-Technologies and Applications for Solid-State Ultraviolet Device

UV-LED Applications(Dec 6th, PM)

Solid-State Ultraviolet Materials and Device(Dec 7th, AM-PM)

S1- Summit on Semiconductor for Automobiles(Dec 7th, PM)

S2- Forum for Industry and Education(Dec 7th, AM)

S3- Standard and Test for Wide Bandgap Semiconductors(Dec 6th, PM)

S4- Seminar of LED Lighting in Bio-Agriculture(Dec 7th, PM)